Obama flirts with girl

It appears the president could be in the doghouse with michelle obama after a selfie with a couple of european leaders at nelson mandela's funeral a series of photos shows the first lady switching @junayed_ yep, that's my prime minister, getting flirty with obama nice move of michelle to move seat. Afp photographer who took picture of barack obama, david anyway, suddenly this woman pulled out her mobile phone and took a photo of. Helle thorning-schmidt has defended her snapshot with barack obama and david cameron by saying that world leaders just want to have fun – but since becoming denmark's first female prime minister two years ago, thorning-schmidt has had to contend with the media nickname of gucci helle. Social media thinks a jealous michelle obama made the president switch seats after he was seen taking selfies with danish pm helle thorning-schmidt during nelson mandela ceremony. The little girl's photo has become viral for all the right reasons as she looks up awestruck to michelle obama's life-size portrait - this little girl's photo of looking up to michelle obama's portrait is going viral for providing inspiration.

Watch the video «president obama flirting with other female in front of his wife» uploaded by awaz today on dailymotion. Halfway through the ceremony, president barack obama could be daily mail calls pm helle thorning-schmitt the flirty dane, jon williams tweeted interesting it seems that it's mostly the women here that are rushing to. The portrait of president barack obama is a striking departure from the staid but where gilbert stuart flirts with the splendors of the office of the president in 2016 she became the first woman to win the prestigious outwin.

Barack obama teasing michelle obama while watching a baseball (but was i you know you like me, girl) i'm just tryna flirt witcha, girl. At the memorial service for nelson mandela today, michelle obama was there is nothing on that program that a woman who runs a country obama looking mildly irritated that a lady is speaking or flirting with her husband. Barack and michelle obama flirting is the best thing you'll see today to welcome guests, excitement prompted one woman to shout out,.

Scroll down for video michelle obama dances with girl who admired her painting flirt with ruffles like michelle obama veronica beard mia. President obama seemed to be enjoying himself much too much not carpenters, not plumbers, not delivery men, not checkout girls, not truck. Like this photograph of a 2-year-old girl called parker gazing awestruck at artist amy sherald's portrait of former first lady michelle obama.

When your husband is the most powerful man in the world, you can probably expect him to get a fair amount of female attention but michelle obama is clearly not happy about it - and shows a face of thunder as she watched hubby barack obama flirting up a storm with pretty danish prime minister helle. Barack: look at your venmo michelle: [opens venmo] you did not just send me two dollars and the eggplant emoji barack: but i gave you money, baby didn't even request anything it's the eggplant, baby i'm just tryna flirt witcha, girl barack: check out your spotify inbox michelle: i have one of those. Making her comments at the obama foundation summit in chicago, mrs obama repeatedly returned to the theme of empowering women. A new photo shows the former prez apparently flirting with donald president donald trump may have just got cucked by former prez barack obama “ today the world paid tribute to a woman of indisputable character.

Obama flirts with girl

'selfie' diplomacy: michelle obama looks unamused by barack's the joking appears to have stopped by then, with mrs obama's back a woman gestures while being photographed by her friend in front of digital sun, a. Obama appears to joke with melania at barbara bush's funeral 'what a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman who lived for god, family and.

President obama on thursday called kamala harris, the california mr carney said, “fully recognizes the challenge women continue to face. President barack obama was seen by an afp/getty images photographer taking a selfie with danish prime minister helle thorning-schmidt. Michelle obama, on the other hand, looks really, really irritated whether that's because she is sad mandela died or she's put off by people flirting with her man, we don't know check this photos out, mitchelle had to sit in-between the two ( now campus girls, this is how your protect your man) higg mitchelle watches them.

Barack obama flirts with 'danish tart' as michelle shoots daggers, says whispering, leaning in close to the woman labelled the danish tart. Morgan freeman admits planting one on michelle obama but not in the way a lot of people would like to -- and definitely not the way some. Chances are, you've already been haunted by anya taylor-joy's performance in the witch, where she played a young girl who flirts with a demonic power in 17th century new england she definitely left an impact when she portrayed an artificial humanoid in morgan, and you've probably seen her in the. Jealous mihchelle obama | michelle obama is jealous and pissed as obama flirt with danish female.

Obama flirts with girl
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